Welcome to Olive Court Chambers, we are direct (public) access barristers’ chambers providing legal services including consultation and representation. Our priority is to provide efficient client care services.

We pride ourselves in making sure our client’s needs are met competently, professionally and timely. We work relentlessly to achieve an excellent outcome for our clients.



As a direct access barristers’ Chambers, you can instruct us directly to deal with your case without the need of using the services of solicitors.

We will provide you with the best legal advice and representation which will meet your expected results. We work and collaborate with many competent barristers from other law chambers on all areas of the law. Our legal team provide the best quality service and aim to leave our clients feeling empowered.

Our excellent case workers give helpful advice and support to our clients throughout their legal case.

We ensure that our services continue to remain up to date with the ever-changing climate, especially relating to Brexit and Covid-19. In addition, we make certain that our approaches are flexible and cater to every client we encounter.

12+Years of experience
12+Team members