International Adoption

International adoptions are highly complex and it is essential that you seek specialist advice before considering adopting a child from abroad. Our team of family law barristers have successfully advised clients on international adoption matters. We work hard to ensure that your adopted child’s right to enter the UK is established.

How we can help:

  • We advise families who are considering international adoption, and wish to bring a child into the UK.
  • We help you apply for adoption or recognition orders.
  • We give you advice on the duties and actions of local authorities or other adoption agencies in relation to international adoptions, including the assessment process.
  • We advise you on any nationality or immigration issues that may arise in the process and how we will tackle them.
  • We guide you through the UK visa application process
  • We represent adopters in adoption proceedings in UK courts, where the foreign adoption is not recognised by the UK.

We approach each case in a bespoke manner, to ensure that every family who comes to us feels fully supported throughout the entire adoption process.