Care Proceedings

At Olive Court Chambers we have a qualified team that legally represents families and children during child law cases. We act alongside grandparents and parents. When a child or young person is suffering physical or psychological harm or neglect within their family Social Services may step in to ensure that the child or young person is safe. At Olive Court Chambers we understand that this can be stressful and scary.

In this case we provide guidance to Social Services and other local authorities. We ensure that children are placed in a safe and secure accommodation, and insure that their needs and well-being are met. This is our main priority. Our experienced team can provide advice on what takes place after a child is in care. We will provide you with understanding your rights and your child’s and we will provide clear solutions for each case.

Ways we can help in child care law:

  • We act immediately when local authorities apply to take children to care.
  • We issue urgent protection orders.
  • We make requests for grandparents to be guardians.
  • We request for parents to have contact with children whilst in care.